Grow List and Tips

Morning Glory

French Dwarf Marigolds




Passion flower



Black Krim Tomatoes ~ 2ft space, 1/2in deep, Mar & August; eggshells, coffee grounds, & fertilizer tea; stakes or rope train; Epsom salt spray for bigger fruit; like rocks for soil moisture, pinch every other sucker; keep away from peppers & other nightshades, plant with herbs, & marigolds

Rainbow Carrots

Southern Charm Bell Peppers ~ 18in space, 1/2 in deep, Mar-Apr; grow 2 best seedlings 2gether as 1 plant for better protection: small stakes; eggshells, coffee grounds & fertilizer tea; Epsom salt spray for bigger fruit; keep away from tomatoes & other nightshades


French Radishes

Mini Pumpkin

Orange Watermelon

Opal Basil, Sage, Thyme, Chamomile, Lavender, St John’s Wort

Microgreens: Northern Lights, Mini Italy, 2LoveU House Blend

Palm Trees

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